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A UK-Japan Collaboration in Trust Research

TrustTracker.org is a pioneering academic project, a collaboration between researchers in the UK, Japan and the Netherlands, focusing on the study of trust across various societal sectors. We explore trust dynamics in areas like healthcare, policing, religion, media, and more.

UK and Japan police and healthcare workers
The importance of trust in the UK and Japan

Trust is of profound importance to a well-functioning society. Our unique collaboration compares the factors associated with trust in the UK and Japan, and develops policy suggestions to increase levels of trust, and thereby lead to better-functioning public services.

Our Sponsors

This project is sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS, grant reference JPJSJRP 20211704) and the UK Research and Innovation's Economic and Social Research Council (UKRI-ESRC, grant reference ES/W011913/1).

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